I am a lucky girl every time I step out side I realize how lucky I am. I live and work in Banff National Park where wild life and tourist roam free. To make travel easy I have a full-time job at the YWCA Banff and a part-time job at The Fudgery.

I am proud to work for the YWCA Banff as a guest service residence agent. What makes the YWCA Banff special is that we runs a small hotel as a social enterprise. All proceeds from our hotel, help to fund domestic violence prevention in the Bow Valley.

Now The Fudgery on the other hand has the yummy treats. There is nothing like walking down the street snacking on home made fudge or cashew log covered in chocolate.

As much as I love my home and my jobs deep down I know that Travel is my passion. I think that I realized this when I was on my first visit to Thailand and realized that my luggage was stuck in Japan. Walking around with winter boots on my feet and using what I had carried onto the plane was all I needed and I was hooked.